n aaa nn.
love x live life x proceed x p r o g r e s s
n aaa nn.
Accomplishment | Honours Award.

This is for those who doubt me. 
This is for the negativity.
This is for those who don’t believe in me.
This is for the motivation I don’t get from my own parents.
This is for the two fvcks my parents don’t give. 

Thank you to those that push me.
Thank you to those that motivate me.
Thank you to those that help me.
Thank you to those who continue to support me.

Because of all of these people, I’ve pushed myself to become a dedicated student to prove those assholes wrong & to make the others proud.

56 more weeks to go. 
56 more weeks to improve.
The view this morning.
Day 100 | Funeral | You will forever be in our hearts. We love you and we miss you, homie.
Peace & blessings.
Have a safe journey.

Daniel Giangoppo
November 1990 - September 2014
Day 99
Day 98
Day 97
In shock. 
Heart broken.

I’ve been blessed to have met someone as great as you. Thank you for your time, company, advices, & most importantly our friendship. Even though you’re physically gone, know that you’re always gonna be in our hearts. 

Rest in paradise, Daniel Giangioppo (aka Poppo). We will forever love and miss you♡

Day 96